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Welcome To Monopoly Education

Current research indicates that children learn best when they encounter things that are meaningful to them and can be related to their own real-world experience. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to create a logical connection between the various themes and concepts. We have also focussed on the fact that it is extremely important for children to be able to see how the information they are learning is related to and different from what they already know. Thus a perfect balance is created between their previous knowledge and the new information that they are learning each day.

Deepika Hindi

Deepika Hindi-1 to 8 is a series of Hindi language books. This series is designed to help learners improving their Hindi language and follows the latest syllabus prescribed by Educational Boards of India.

Deepika Vyakran

Deepika Vyakaran is a series if Hindi grammar books that help learners to improve their Hindi grammar. This series follows the latest syllabus prescribed by Educational Boards of India. The series is loaded with exercises and activities that help a learner to grasp every point related to Hindi grammar.

Hello English Reader

Hello English Reader is combined with best techniques from proven language teaching. The series is containing some beautiful poems, some motivational stories and some moral stories illustrated in a colourful, child-friendly format to reinforce the concepts learned.

Find Me Answers

General knowledge is the knowledge about many different things, as opposed to detailed knowledge about one particular subject. General knowledge plays a vital role in our lives as it makes us aware of the major events taking place all around the world. It enhances the general awareness of the human being. Keeping this thing in mind, we have launched the series Find Me Answers that contains detailed information about many things around the world.

Hello Grammar

Hello Grammar-1 to 8 is a series of English grammar and composition books. This series is designed to help learners improving their English grammar. Ample of learning exercises have been given in the book to make the learning fun and easy.

I Can Do Maths

Mathematics is an integral part of human life that develops the human mind by problem solving, number facility, automatic and logical reasoning. Keeping that in mind, we have launched I Can Do Maths which follows the latest syllabus prescribed by Educational Boards of India.

Tech Ray

Tech Ray-1 to 8 is a series of computer science books. This series is designed on the recommendations made by the Educational Boards of India. The books have been prepared with the aim of introducing the fundamentals of computers to the reader.


Atlas-O- Logy-6 to 8 is a series of map workbooks. This series is an encouraging and exclusive atlas map book for exploring every corner of our planet Earth.

Seek and Explore

Seek and Explore is a series of social science books that illustrates in brief about the institutions and functioning of human society and with the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of society. The series tells us about the world beyond our experience, and can help explain how our own society works.

Science Insight

Science is known as the body of knowledge collected through the discoveries about all the things in the universe. Science Insight is a series of science books that have a systematic and logical approach to let the student learn and study how things in the universe work.

Be Good Live Good

Be Good Live Good focuses on delivering moral values to young learners. It teaches the learners certain ways and behaviour that one has to follow in order to live in the society and maintain human relationships.

Brain Search Engine (Reasoning)

Reasoning is the process in which we think about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment. Reasoning is also a skill that helps the child get more engaged in his/her own learning process. Keeping this in mind we have launched Brain: Search Engine that helps its learners to build their reasoning skills.

Kalyani Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the ancient language in Hinduism. It was used as a means of communication by the Hindu Celestial Gods, and then by the Indo-Aryans. We have launched Kalyani Sanskrit series to make children familiar with the Sanskrit language and learn its usage.

Sanskrit Vyakran

Grammar is considered as the backbone of every language. In absence of Grammar, the language formation would not be accurate as well as the communication will become tough. Sanskrit is the ancient language in Hinduism. In order to make learners aware of Sanskrit Grammar we have launched Sanskrit Vyakran, which is an innovative series of Grammar books in Sanskrit language.