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A Bit About Us

Our series ‘Monopoly’ believes in the expression that education is not preparation for life but life itself. Our creations are meant to positively transform the spirit of classrooms across all geographies. Our simple philosophy is that the learning is most effective when fun becomes the pedagogy; unleashing a wide spectrum of creative skills in children. The need of hour is to motivate our children to become independent and innovative thinker.

Current research indicates that children learn best when they encounter things that are meaningful to them and can be related to their own real world experience. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to create a logical connection between the various themes and concepts. We have also focussed on the fact that it is extremely important for children to be able to see how the information they are learning is related to and different from what they already know. Thus a perfect balance is created between their previous knowledge and the new information that they are learning each day.
This series will offer children many opportunities to ask questions, seek information, test their assumptions and evaluate their findings. These skills are needed by the children to be successful and should be developed at early stages.

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